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The Salvadoran Canadian Association of Toronto (ASALCA) would like to inform you of the following:

A group of fifteen professionals from various North American cities traveled to El Salvador to provide health care services to the people of Nueva Trinidad and its surrounding communities. 
This particular region located in the northern part of the country experienced social unrest in the 1960’s.  The Nueva Trinidad Health Clinic worked along with the group from Canada in the implementation of the two- week program. We brought over, close to two thousand pounds of medical supplies into El Salvador to assist those in need.

The purpose of the trip was to help a community with limited access to health care. Through the clinic we provided medical care to 800 people. Our clinic provided medical care to people living in Arcatao, Las Flores, Teocinte, El Sitio, El Rincon, Manaquil, Canton Zacamil, Cacerio Las Cuevas, Casco Urbano, Canton Carasque, El Bajio, Cacerio Los Orellanas, Cacerio El Rosario, Cacerio Lagitas, Canton Huizucar, Canton Los Pozos, Cacerio Santa Lucia, Cacerio Los Navarretes, Hacienda Vieja, and people who came seeking assistance from as far as Canton Fatima, Cacahuatal and El Colosal, in Honduras. Our primary objective was to educate people in many aspects of their daily living; this includes dental care, proper hand washing and dietary needs. In addition, the team also assessed individual patients and provided the appropriate care to each individual case.  The team provided shoes, lenses and distributed free medication to patients as deemed necessary.

The team consists of various individuals from many backgrounds.

Dr. Liam O'Connor is the team physician.  He has been a practicing physician and coroner in Grand Bend for many years.  Wendy O'Connor, his wife, was responsible for treating patients with visual problems and supervised the medical tests performed at the clinic.  Mary Gatschene, Rae Mavor, Maxine Schaefer and Anne Eggert are all nurses from the Waterloo and Stratford area with varying area of specialty from dermatology to emergency medicine.  They helped assessing patients and provided care as they deemed necessary. Veneta Anand the team pharmacist and Mary June Gavette her pharmacy team assistant were responsible for the distribution of medication. The rest of the team – Barrie Beech, Lois Zurell, Lindsay Buss, Juan Carlos Jimenez, Ken Mavor, Francisco Linares and Eusebio Garcia were responsible for the registration, implementation of the educational workshops, help with crowd control as well as for the translation services. The organization of the mission was accomplished with the hard work and persistence of Eusebio Garcia, Veneta Anand and Mary Gatschene. ASALCA provided everything related to the ground logistics, acquisition of professional and import permits.
We worked for a two week period along with the parish of Arcatao, Nueva Trinidad municipal staff, food workers and a group of very capable drivers. Together, we maximized health care services, benefiting at the same time the communities mentioned above.
All remaining supplies and medication was left with the clinic to be provided at no cost to people in need. 
Thanks to all the team members for the great memories and their hard work. You gave your best. This trip could not have happened without any of you.  Thank you all for spending valuable time and money to work with one another in the El Salvadoran mission 2007.


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