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The Salvadorean  Canadian Association - Toronto is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the insertion of Salvadorean Canadians by promoting our cultural identity and values and facilitating our full participation in Canadian society. We do this by promoting our cultural values, working for social justice, and through organizing and participating in civil society.


 Objectives Minimize

-To promote and realize, together with the community, projects that will lead to the individual and collective improvement and unity of Salvadoreans.

-To provide a supportive environment to Salvadorean Canadians and other Latino groups so that we can be empowered to participate fully in the Canadian society.

-To strengthen the integral development of the Salvadorean community from a participatory and equitable perspective which can foment community knowledge, respect and commitment to our historical background, traditions and cultural values.


 Principles Minimize

- Open membership for all individuals who share our mission and objectives.

- Commitment to work at the local, regional, national and transnational levels.

- Commitment to democratic process in all our work.

- Collaboration with Canadian and Latino organizations and networks that identify with our objectives and want to work in solidarity with us.


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